Rules and Regulations

Live Oak Landing and Bicentennial Park Facilities Rules and Regulations

  • A responsible adult over the age of 19 must be present during the entire reservation. Failure to do so will result the event being shut down and forfeiture of all payments.
  • The use of flower petals, silly string, confetti, shaving cream, glitter, dry rice, or other similar items are prohibited. Any decorations must be removed from the premises before leaving.
  • No nails, tacks, brackets, or self-adhesive tape will be allowed on or in walls, ceilings, floors, rafters, or any material that will deface, mark, or damage a finished surface.
  • Glass bottles, glass containers, candles, and open flames are prohibited in the park or inside any facility or structure.
  • Deposit trash in garbage cans provided throughout the parks and at facilities. Dumpsters are provided for RV Park guests only.
  • The Interpretive Center furnishings and displays are not to be moved from their location. Tables and chairs may only be used inside the building and on the porch/patio area and should be moved back to their original location before leaving.
  • Picnic tables are to be returned to their original location if moved.
  • Pets are welcome on the grounds but not inside facilities, with the exception of service animals. All pets must be leashed no longer than 6 feet. Do not leave pets outside unattended. PLEASE PICK UP AFTER YOUR PETS!
  • It is unlawful to hunt, trap, pursue, catch, or kill any wild bird or wild animal at the parks. Please keep your distance from all wildlife. Remember, on the trails, wildlife has the right of way.
  • Draining water, soap, grease, or any other waste product onto the ground or into anything other than an approved holding tank, sewage receptacle, or dump station is a violation of State law.
  • Electric scooters, mopeds, minibikes, motorcycles, motor scooters, go-carts, golf carts, and any other type of motorized vehicle is not allowed to be in the campground unless it is a licensed vehicle. Only licensed drivers and licensed vehicles can utilize park roads. This does not limit the use of equipment to assist handicapped persons.
  • The event will be shut down if any of the following occur:
    • Defacing the facilities and/or amenities in any
    • Unruly/disorderly behavior by guests
    • Uncontrollable/unattended children
    • Fighting
    • Illegal alcohol or drug use
  • It is illegal to have open alcohol containers in a motor vehicle in the State of Alabama. Public intoxication will not be tolerated at Live Oak Landing and Bicentennial Parks.
  • Any person or persons caught damaging or defacing the facilities or grounds or amenities will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Other Policies

You agree that you will comply with all Bicentennial Park rules, agreements, and policies that are made available by Bicentennial Park on the Services and which are incorporated herein by reference. These include, without limitation: